What causes addiction to gambling

What causes addiction to gambling lumer casino

Oddly enough, normal human brain functioning and brain chemistry make people vulnerable to addiction. A diagnostic evaluation also includes a mental-status examination to determine if the patient's speech, thought pattern, mood, or memory has been affected, as often happens in the case of a many forms of mental illness. In severe addiction, people also go through withdrawal—they feel physically ill, cannot sleep and shake uncontrollably—if their brain is deprived of a dopamine-stimulating substance for too long.

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Gambling addiction—also known as pathological gambling, compulsive gambling you'll also need to address these and any other underlying causes as well. There are many possible causes of gambling addictions and some people may gamble for different reasons to other people. Some common causes of gambling. Gambling addiction is the compulsive act of gambling without regard for financial, family- or work-related consequences. Gambling addicts may become.